What are we doing to be more sustainable?


We have a green team who are working to help make our practice more environmentally friendly.

Our key areas of focus for sustainability are:

  • Embedding environmental sustainability into our organisational culture
  • Improving our energy efficiency
  • Reviewing Green procurement
  • Reducing waste
  • Promoting sustainable transport (such as cycling or walking)
  • Reducing our use of paper
  • Prescribing responsibly
  • Implementing the Green Impact for health toolkit :]
  • Supporting health and wellbeing of our staff


Embedding environmental sustainability into our organisation

  • Sustainability is part of our mission statement: ‘We aspire to deliver high quality, appropriate and sustainable healthcare at the right time, by the right person’
  • We ask staff to reflect on how they have helped sustainability as part of our appraisals
  • We have meetings which include green changes as part of the agenda regularly ask our staff to feedback ideas for improvement
  • We work collaboratively with our PCN and Islington borough to improve our goals of net zero

Improving our energy efficiency

  • Radiators are turned down where possible 
  • Lights and equipment are turned off at the end of the day



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Reducing our use of paper

  • Working towards being a paperless practice where possible
  • Ceasing use of fax machines
  • Promoting health education messages to patients via text and email (to reduce the use of leaflets)
  • Setting photocopiers to print double sided by default
  • Photocopiers are able to scan and email documents
  • Online forms being introduced to website


Reducing waste and increasing recycling

  • Ensuring only confidential waste is collected for shredding and using ‘shred it’ which helps plant trees!
  • All other paper recycled
  • Recycling of other materials, including cardboard, printer toner cartridges and batteries
  • Encouraging patients to consider recycling of inhalers at certain pharmacies in (Boots on Seven Sister’s roads  Where To Recycle Asthma Inhalers –

Reducing prescribing

  • Where possible, the Practice is reducing polypharmacy and over prescribing to improve care for both patients and the planet
  • Reducing prescribing of over the counter medicines 
  • Reviewing high quality low carbon asthma care and reviewing inhalers which are good for our patients and the planet


Implementing the NUS/RCGP Green Impact Toolkit

  • Whole Practice commitment to achieving the Green Impact for Health Award 
  • Commitment to support the National Green Impact Agenda to reduce carbon emissions in line with the 2030 United Nations Sustainability Development Goals 
  • Supporting other practices and providers to implement the Green Impact Award


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