Pharmacy First

NHS Pharmacy First

What is NHS Pharmacy first ?

NHS Pharmacy First is an England-only service providing advice and, if appropriate, treatment for seven common conditions at community pharmacies. The conditions are: 

  • uncomplicated urinary tract infections (UTIs) in women aged 16-64 
  • shingles 18 years and above
  • impetigo 1 year and above
  • infected insect bites 1 year and above
  • sinusitis 12 years and above
  • sore throat 5 years and above
  • acute otitis media aged 1-17 years

How do I get access to this service?

Patients will access this service by walking into the pharmacy directly or where appropriate, by contacting them by video consultation. We've been informed that the following local pharmacies can see patients under this scheme: Arkles, Shivo, Chemitex, Wise and Well.